Steph Aman

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The background: Award-winning textile designer and with an MA in fashion from the Royal College of Art, Steph Aman pushes the boundaries via her distinctive design technique which has won her world-wide acclaim including a host of accolades from international fashion houses such as Armani, Vera Wang and Calvin Klein.

Design Ethos: Aman blends her own essence of an exotic, erotic and elegant mix of innocence with something rather dark, curious and surreal, to each of her creations. Inspired by ancient fairytales and bizarre folklore, her lingerie and intimate wear is dedicated to and incredibly passionate about super fine, luxuriously delicate textile design. Her Anglo-American heritage lends her creations to something refreshing, impossible to put a finger on until you see the piece in the flesh. Each design has a darker side than initially assumed; sensuous and delicate lingerie on first look, but take a closer look and you shall find something you hadn’t spotted before.

The Technique: Working some serious magic with her beloved Irish embroidery machine - which is over a century old - Aman and her team create hand-finished, exceptionally delicate, signature products using a needle and thread, industry experts have likened her practice to free hand-drawing onto silk. Each item of her bespoke soft lingerie and silk-wear is an investment, timeless, pure luxury and exquisite, like a precious piece of fine jewellery and always made with love. Free hand drawing, printing and engraving and delicate finishing procedures, no designer can compete with such attention to detail on such a large production scale.

Even today, there is nothing on the luxury market which comes close; incredibly versatile and not to be restricted to the boudoir, Aman’s pieces do not simply feature an intricate embroidery design which is added to the fabric and turned into an item to wear. Rather there is a harmony created between the garment and the textile design, fashioned in unison. The designer has set up a team in her studio in London, personally trained by Aman who retains full creative and quality control over the manufacturing side.

“Every piece of soft lingerie and silk-wear is designed to be comfortable and unstructured”, says Aman, “we call it soft lingerie & many of our retail outlets and clients are in the lingerie sector however the styles are so adaptable & versatile that they can be worn as outerwear, it really is up to the individual. We have to label it under some banner but really just use your imagination - no age limit from 18 to 80 - if you like the look of the piece - just wear it and enjoy it. The product improves with age - lasts a lifetime - think of it as an investment - as you would a piece of Jewellery”

So exceptional, unique and distinctive is Aman’s technique on silk, she is regularly featured in the world’s press. In fact, so remarkable and original she rapidly won international acclaim following her MA collection & and her distinctive creations have been featured in many illustrated hard back books such as ‘Design behind desire’.

Immediately following her graduation from the Royal College of Art, commercial accolades were in abundance. Debut Aman collections featuring high fashion silk outerwear, were exhibited during London and Paris fashion weeks and her early stockists included the renowned Feathers of Knightsbridge, Arts & Science & Baycrews, Japan and Covent Garden’s Coco de Mer, London’s erotic luxury emporium.

Product Lines: Current Steph Aman collections, are known for her distinctive soft lingerie range and bias-cut slip dresses tunics, kimono’s, scarfs and accessories. The collections are produced and exhibited seasonally in Paris and London. Many of her recent collections are styled and exhibited with accessory designer Paul Seville.

Gallery 58: Founded in 2008 by Steph Aman & Paul Seville to showcase their collections and ideas. A sensory overload of magical luxury extraordinaire, Gallery 58 is a modern day pleasure dome.